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Simply go to to the Shopping Tab and have a look at the devices that are there , and review how they fit into your situation. In addition be aware that you will need some of the accessories to keep the products running , Example the charger for the Echo Dot and Plus . The stand for the Echo Spot and in our home a cover for the Echo Spot to stop sticky fingers. Plus the smart plugs to enhance other areas of the home (lights etc)

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Kalevel Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder

Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder

This Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder comes with Accessories for Home Speakers with all of the required USB Cable, Screws for Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom. A simple tofu accessory that takes the Echo dot out of the line of site , away form the playful hands of the kids.

Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder

Benefits of the Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder

  • Package Content — This set includes 1 echo dot holder(6.9 x 3.5in), 1 USB cable (9.8in), 2 screws and 2 wall anchors. (Please Note: echo dot is NOT included)
  • Material — Echo dot bracket is made of high quality ABS material (durable plastic), shocks resistant, heat resistant, and with excellent electrical performance. Perfectly compatible with echo dot 2nd generation and other small round home speaker.
  • Ingenious Design — Echo dot stand, inspired by hanger, designed with small holes to let sound go through, provides you good audition experience. Besides its matte finish will make your home neat and modern.
  • Wall Mount Design — Echo dot hanger keeps echo dot from dropping down by accident or pets, helps receive accurate signals and transfer smooth sound, and also avoids potential damages, such as liquid spill and food splatter.
  • Smart Your Room  with the Echo-Dot Wall Mount Holder– Without the long, messy wire, echo dot case saves much space and becomes an elegant home decoration. You can move the hanger on the sockets or hooks, or you can fix it in your favorite position. Fit for installation to bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and so on.

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What do we get with the Echo Dot Wall Mount Holder

echo dot wall mount

Pack of 6 — 1* Echo dot hanger + 1* USB Cable 9.8in + 2* Skrews + 2* Wall anchors
Echo Dot Wall Mount — Inspired by hanger,echo stand holder black is especially designed for Echo Dot 2nd Generation (Echo Dot is not included)
Premium Material — Echo dot holder is made from ABS plastic material,shocks resistant,heat resistant,and with excellent electrical performance. And matte finish surface is modern and fashionable.
Ingenious Design — Designed with small holes to let sound go through, echo dot stand provides you good audition experience.
Flexible Placement — You can move the dot hanger on the sockets or hooks in your home;Or fix it in your favorite position with screws.

Smart Your Room

Echo dot stand holder 6.9 x 3.5in fit for installation to living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and so on. After installation, saving much space and providing your room a much tidy look.

Why Use the Wall Hanging?

– Help receive and transfer sound and signals.
– Help smooth and accurate talking.
– Keep echo dot away from playing kids and naughty pets.
– Avoid potential damages, such as liquid spill and food splatter.
– Provide you good audition experience.

Package Including

1* Kalevel Wall Mount Stand Holder Stand Hanger for Echo Dot 2nd Generation
1* Kalevel USB Cable 9.8in
2* Kalevel Screws
2* Kalevel Wall Anchors

Echo device smart plug with TP Link

echo device smart plug    Echo device smart plug with TP Link

With this you Can Control Your Devices from Anywhere, Using the  KASA Free Smart App 

Echo Device Smart Plug, With TP-Link a Wi-Fi, Control Your Devices from AnywhereThis  Echo device smart plug works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Control Your Devices from Anywhere (HS100) and does not require a Hub

echo device smart plug 1

Save Money by Running the House on Your Schedule

Lets Face it after treading the above information we will all understand that the Echo Device Smart Plug will also work with any number of devices , lamps, and fixtures within the home.

The HS100 allows you to create schedules to automatically power on or off your home electronics and appliances at anytime. You can create a schedule for each device any day of the week, or customize it by a specific time in a day.

Keep energy bills low by effectively managing devices that use the most power. Scheduling allows you to prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed.

Have your home and office devices run on your schedule, even when you’re not there. Simply by using the echo device smart plug

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echo devices smart plug

Features of the Echo Device and Home Controller – Smart Plug,

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
  • COVERAGE & CONTROL – Wi-Fi extender with a built-in smart plug covers your home with fast Wi-Fi (AC1200) and controls plug-in devices from anywhere from the same smart device
  • VOICE CONTROL – Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana supported devices for a hands-free experience
  • ENHANCE YOUR WI-FI – Works with standard routers or gateways to optimize speed and network coverage
  • KASA SCENES & SCHEDULES – Schedule the Smart Plug to automatically switch on and off when away or set a Scene for controlling many devices with a single button
  • NOTE: Requires a secured 24 GHz Wi-Fi network connection

smart plugsmart plugs

Echo Spot Charger Cable

 Power Cable  and  USB Power Bank Connect Cable Only

This item Fits for Amazon Echo Spot only. , It makes the echo spot a portable device  working with power bank, laptop, usb AC adaptor. (The Power bank, laptop, AC adaptor and Echo are not included )

This item inputs at- 5V USB (Power bank output Minimum 5V 1A).the echo spot charger Cable thickness – 20AWG.

Be aware that any charger you may buy for any of the countries that you enter must be compatible with this cable or you will fy the cable and possibly your Echo Spot

With an Output of – 12V DC.  and a Cable length – 3ft/1metre. The echo spot charger Cable Outside diameter-3.5mm , Cable type – 2464, copper wire inside.

Note: This is the cable only – you will need to have the charger to get maximum benefit – see here

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Echo Spot Charger Cable

echo spot charger cable

Design Amazon Echo Spot Charger Cable Only

Connect your Echo Spot to the power bank (sold seperate), take it anywhere you like.
Connect your echo to your laptop, no need extra AC adaptor, easy to use, and save place.
Connect the USB AC adaptor anyplace.
The power bank is not included. refer to the Shop for more information on the power bank

Echo Dot Wall Mount In Australia

Echo Dot Wall Mount

VANDESAIL Outlet Echo Dot Wall Mount Hanger and Holder Stand for Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 2nd Generation , this type of hanger and wall mount are used extensively in the home and in the office to allow easier access to the Alexa Functions and the speaker system without cluttering up the deck or the furniture – convenient and easy to move

Introduction to the Echo – Dot Wall Mount and Hanger 

This echo dot wall mount make your room clean and tidy, does not block outlet position and affect the sound output and ring lamp. Groove for wall mount, vertical and Horizontal outlet are both OK. Does not affect the sound output and ring lamp.

echo dot wall mount

Installation Method is So Simple – 

Step1 – Insert your device’s plug into the bracket.
Step2 – Put your device into the mount then attach the short cord to your device.
Step3 – Plug the bracket into an outlet, now it’s working.

Specifications for the Echo Wall Mount
– Size: 140*88*55mm
– Color: Transparent
– Weight: 130g
– Condition: 100% Brand new


echo spot wall mount 2Packaging Accessories for the Echo Dot Wall Mount
– 2 x Wall Mount
– 2 x Short Charging Cords
– 1 x User Manual





What is the Echo Dot Wall Mount : Its benefits are:

  • SPEAKER WALL MOUNT — Designed for Dot 2nd Generation and some round speakers.
  • SHORT POWER CORD — Wall plug-in, no need for original long line, custom short cord directly installed in the socket, clean and easy to use.
  • PERFECT DESIGN — Do not block other socket holes and reserve the maximum position for other plugs. Horizontal and vertical socket boards are both perfect for use. Nail slot design can also be used to nail the wall if the socket plug is not solid.
  • SIMPLE AND ELEGANT — Transparent design, does not block the light, does not cover the sound mouth, only see the product, no bracket, very beautiful.
  • WIDELY USED — It can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and any other where have an outlet.