Echo Dot Wall Mount In Australia

Echo Dot Wall Mount

VANDESAIL Outlet Echo Dot Wall Mount Hanger and Holder Stand for Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 2nd Generation , this type of hanger and wall mount are used extensively in the home and in the office to allow easier access to the Alexa Functions and the speaker system without cluttering up the deck or the furniture – convenient and easy to move

Introduction to the Echo – Dot Wall Mount and Hanger 

This echo dot wall mount make your room clean and tidy, does not block outlet position and affect the sound output and ring lamp. Groove for wall mount, vertical and Horizontal outlet are both OK. Does not affect the sound output and ring lamp.

echo dot wall mount

Installation Method is So Simple – 

Step1 – Insert your device’s plug into the bracket.
Step2 – Put your device into the mount then attach the short cord to your device.
Step3 – Plug the bracket into an outlet, now it’s working.

Specifications for the Echo Wall Mount
– Size: 140*88*55mm
– Color: Transparent
– Weight: 130g
– Condition: 100% Brand new


echo spot wall mount 2Packaging Accessories for the Echo Dot Wall Mount
– 2 x Wall Mount
– 2 x Short Charging Cords
– 1 x User Manual





What is the Echo Dot Wall Mount : Its benefits are:

  • SPEAKER WALL MOUNT — Designed for Dot 2nd Generation and some round speakers.
  • SHORT POWER CORD — Wall plug-in, no need for original long line, custom short cord directly installed in the socket, clean and easy to use.
  • PERFECT DESIGN — Do not block other socket holes and reserve the maximum position for other plugs. Horizontal and vertical socket boards are both perfect for use. Nail slot design can also be used to nail the wall if the socket plug is not solid.
  • SIMPLE AND ELEGANT — Transparent design, does not block the light, does not cover the sound mouth, only see the product, no bracket, very beautiful.
  • WIDELY USED — It can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and any other where have an outlet.

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