Echo Spot Charger Cable

 Power Cable  and  USB Power Bank Connect Cable Only

This item Fits for Amazon Echo Spot only. , It makes the echo spot a portable device  working with power bank, laptop, usb AC adaptor. (The Power bank, laptop, AC adaptor and Echo are not included )

This item inputs at- 5V USB (Power bank output Minimum 5V 1A).the echo spot charger Cable thickness – 20AWG.

Be aware that any charger you may buy for any of the countries that you enter must be compatible with this cable or you will fy the cable and possibly your Echo Spot

With an Output of – 12V DC.  and a Cable length – 3ft/1metre. The echo spot charger Cable Outside diameter-3.5mm , Cable type – 2464, copper wire inside.

Note: This is the cable only – you will need to have the charger to get maximum benefit – see here

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Echo Spot Charger Cable

echo spot charger cable

Design Amazon Echo Spot Charger Cable Only

Connect your Echo Spot to the power bank (sold seperate), take it anywhere you like.
Connect your echo to your laptop, no need extra AC adaptor, easy to use, and save place.
Connect the USB AC adaptor anyplace.
The power bank is not included. refer to the Shop for more information on the power bank

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