Echo Spot Adjustable Stand

Echo Spot Adjustable Stand

There is not much to say with regard to the stand – its a simple item that provides 360 degree rotation and allows you to tilt the face of the Echo Spot to the best angle for you – this allows a better view for you and of you neon taking to family and friends

Comments that have been made to date since its inception are :

Echo Spot Adjustable Stand

The Echo Spot Adjustable stand fits perfectly and makes a huge difference.

  • Makes the Echo spot a lot more user friendly.
  • Looks and fits great. Holds product in place well.
  • Happy with the stand. Let’s me adjust the echo spot to just the right position.
  • Perfect stand for the Echo Spot.
    Gives the whole thing that ’60s eggshell TV/seat feel.

When deciding what to look at we can choose the echo spot for its ability to provide the majority of the benefits of the Amazon Alexa system however we do need to have the Echo Spot Adjustable Stand simply to ensure that the spot does not roll over when the kids hit the cupboard or table supporting it ,

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