Here we are at the Blunt end of the Amazon Echo Products that are available in Australia and on the Internet throughout Australia via Amazon Australia.

We have provided information relative to each product and the facility to buy them direct form Amazon. As stated in our Legal Section, we are an affiliate of Amazon and as such we do receive a fee for introducing you to Amazon.

Amazon will deal direct with you to manage your delivery and should the need arise any queries that may arise however if you have any questions please feel free to use the Contact Forms to ask them

Be aware that we have some of the products personally in out home, We also have researched the main items and the accessories we have added to the site. As time progresses we will add further items to the site after we have researched them and not simply because they are available.

In a future Article on the site we will discuss with you the best product for your home , this will be based on our experiences and those of our family , I draw you attention to the article on the elderly (Here) we are looking to develop this is we  feel that there is an avenue to make homes safer and to look after the elderly a bit easier than we are doing.

Simply go to to the Shopping Tab and have a look at the devices that are there , and review how they fit into your situation. In addition be aware that you will need some of the accessories to keep the products running , Example the charger for the Echo Dot and Plus . The stand for the Echo Spot and in our home a cover for the Echo Spot to stop sticky fingers. Plus the smart plugs to enhance other areas of the home (lights etc)

Hope you all have a great day 


echo dot                   Echo Spot_new

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Echo - Basic              echo plus


Have a Great Day – Jock Tiernan